I offer a bespoke ceramics service, giving you the option to personalise my ceramics. 

Embossed into the clay with 22 karat gold, you can choose to have your own message written on any of my products. Ideal for weddings, milestone birthdays, anniversaries.. 

Please bare in mind that the lead time is 3 weeks so give me plenty of notice if you wish to order one. You can do this through my contact form on my homepage.


Kintsugi -  The beauty of imperfect repair


Kintsugi is an old Japanese art fixing broken pottery with gold.

According to legend, the craft commenced when Japanese shogun Ashikaga Yoshimasa sent some of his cracked pottery back to China to undergo repairs. When it returned, Yoshimasa was displeased to find that it had been mended with unsightly metal staples. The craftsmen then had to think of a new aesthetically pleasing method of repair, and Kintsugi was born.

I offer a Kintsugi service where I can repair ceramics through Kintsugi. Please send me a picture of your broken ceramics and I will get back to you on whether I can fix it and I will quote you a price.