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Making her ceramics through a slab building technique enables Rose to create unusual and organic shapes with clay. Her ceramics are made from stoneware clay, rolled out into thin slabs and pressed over moulds or pieced together. Instead of decorating the form with coloured glaze, Rose paints patterns using slip (liquid clay) mixed with ceramic colour stain to create strong bold colours. They are then fired and glazed in a transparent glossy glaze for a brilliant shine and then Rose embellishes the ceramics with gold lustre, adding more patterns on top of the slip underneath. Gold lustre contains real gold and the elegant shimmer brings sophistication to her whimsical, playful designs. 


Bristol born, Rose moved to London to study Surface Design BA at University of the Arts. Rose has always been drawn to bold patterns and loved designing wallpapers and textiles on her course. After joining a pottery evening class alongside her degree, Rose was inspired to put her designs onto ceramics and left her wallpaper dreams behind. When moving back home to Bristol after her degree Rose started up her own pottery studio in Clifton Wood after meeting a retired potter and acquired all of their equipment second hand, some of it she is still using today to make her ceramics. 

Click below to find out more on how Rose makes her ceramics.

Find my work at:

Blaze - Colston yard, Bristol
Molii - Fishponds, Bristol
Rossiter & Sons - Clevedon

Rumana Swinton Design - Isle of Man
Byard Art - Cambridge

The Kitchen Table - 
Christmas Pop-up shop - Broadmead 

Market events I'm selling at:

7th October - Windmill Hill market (Bedminster, Bristol)
11th & 12th 
November - Prior shop market (Cabot Circus)
10th December - Made In Bristol Christmas market (Bristol Beacon)
16th & 17th December - Salad Days Market (Beckenham Palace, London)


Video of some of the making processes in the studio. Video by Sam Jones


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