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Rose makes whimsical handmade ceramics, which are hand painted and embellished with gold.

Making her ceramics through a slab building technique enables Rose to create unusual and irregular shapes with clay. Rose believes that functional items can also be beautiful and intends for her ceramics to be used everyday and not just to be decorative. She uses the finest quality stoneware clay 


Her ceramics are created by the love of hosting and cooking, wanting to make ceramics that take part in serving food and spending time with friends and family. 


Studying Surface Design BA at University of the Arts-London, Rose has always had a strong obsession with bold patterns and textiles. With a family history of kitchen equipment and ceramicists it only came natural to her to put these designs onto her own ceramics.


Find my work at:

Fig - Gloucester Road, Bristol
Good Store Studio - Old Market, Bristol
Blaze - Colston yard, Bristol
Rossiter & Sons - Clevedon

Rumana Swinton Design - Isle of Man


I will be taking a break in 2022 so will be shutting my online shop for a couple of months from January.

I'll still be answering to emails so please still get in touch.

Video of some of the making processes in the studio. Video by Sam Jones 



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I offer a bespoke ceramics service, giving you the option to personalise my ceramics. 

Embossed into the clay with 22 karat gold, you can choose to have your own message written on any of my products. Ideal for weddings, milestone birthdays, anniversaries.. 

Please understand that the lead time is 3 weeks so order a month or so early if needed for a particular date.

butter dish.jpeg

Kintsugi -  The beauty of imperfect repair


Kintsugi is an old Japanese art fixing broken pottery with gold.

According to legend, the craft commenced when Japanese shogun Ashikaga Yoshimasa sent some of his cracked pottery back to China to undergo repairs. When it returned, Yoshimasa was displeased to find that it had been mended with unsightly metal staples. The craftsmen then had to think of a new aesthetically pleasing method of repair, and Kintsugi was born.

I offer a Kintsugi service where I can repair ceramics through Kintsugi. Please send me a picture of your broken ceramics and I will get back to you on whether I can fix it and I will quote you a price.

Gift wrap


Hand painted wrapping paper made with 100% recycled brown 90 gsm paper and acrylic paint. Each design is different, but similar to the one shown.

Perfect if you are unable to see someone for their special occasion, you can send it to their address and I will gift wrap it for them with a note. I will always make sure the price has been taken off too :)