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I mix my own coloured slips (liquid clay) using recycled clay and ceramic body stain to create bespoke bold colours. My designs are applied by hand using paintbrushes and sponges.I’ve always had a huge love for interiors and my design process always incorporates interior friendly colours to make sure they look good in their surroundings. 

Always preferring slab building to throwing on the wheel, this technique enables me to be much more experimental with shape and making organic forms. My ceramics are made from a high quality stoneware clay, rolled out into thin slabs and pressed over moulds or pieced together. 

They are then fired for their first firing at 1000°C, then dipped in a transparent glossy glaze and are then fired again at 1280°C. Once cooled, they are embellished with gold lustre. Gold lustre is brown colour when painted on, but once it is fired for the third firing up to 750°C it burns off into a brilliant gold.

The making process

All my packaging is zero plastic and easy to recycle. I take pride in my handmade wrapping paper, made from recycled craft paper and hand painted on using acrylic paint.

This is the making process of a large commission for L'occitane, where I slip casted the form to replicate it easily. I made 200 for them altogether. 
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